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Helping you target your water use

Target Your Water Use provides useful information to regional Victorians on how to be more water efficient within their homes and how to use water wisely.

Working in collaboration, regional urban water corporations are providing a suite of products, services and solutions on how to use water wisely.

These include:

  • Permanent Water Saving Rules
    Common sense rules to assist with using water wisely now and for the future (See your local water corporation website).
  • Schools education program
    Across Victoria, local water corporations are engaging with primary, secondary and tertiary students to educate them on the water cycle and how to use water wisely.
  • Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP)
    The program enables schools to track their water usage using data loggers. By monitoring water use, schools can detect and fix leaks, saving water and money.
  • Comparative water usage
    Water customers can see how much water they have used compared to previous months and years simply by looking at their bill. Armed with this information they can make more informed choices about when and how to use water more efficiently. 
Importantly, the Target Your Water Use program also recognises that each water business faces a unique set of circumstances and a one size fits all approach does not work in all cases. To find out about what else each of the individual water businesses is doing to encourage water efficiency measures, please visit their website or contact them directly.

Get informed, get involved

The Victorian Government is working with partners, industry and the community to ensure we make the best use of our precious water supplies.

We can provide you with solutions and advice to help use water more efficiently indoors and outdoors – speak to your water business for more ways to save: